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Foot Odor
Generally foot odor and athlete’s foot do not arise alone from the sweat, which surrounds your feet. It is rather bacteria existing on the skin, which are decomposed by the sweat. The waste product of this decomposition leaves a very unpleasant smell and is an ideal breeding climate for athlete’s foot and nail fungus.

The Betel Leaf– where and how: 
1. The natural suction force of Betel Leaf absorbs the sweat effectively.
2. The Betel Leaf with its antibacterial effect exactly there, where foot odor and athlete’s foot develop. Smell and fungus creating bacteria are eliminated.
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1. 檳榔葉的自然吸濕力,能夠有效地吸收腳汗。
2. 檳榔葉裡的檳榔鹼,能夠有效的中和腳臭和抑制霉菌繁殖
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Sweaty Feet
Plantar hyperhidrosis is localized to the plantar side of the foot (the bottom). Sweaty feet can lead to or exacerbate problems such as athlete’s foot, plantar warts, or other skin conditions. If the sweating is associated with another medical condition, it is known as secondary hyperhidrosis.
There are over 250,000 sweat glands in each foot. Each foot normally produces a half pint of moisture per day. It’s important to keep in mind that our feet are sweating all the time, and bacteria are naturally present on our skin. For most people the sweat evaporates quickly, but for others the sweat is trapped within the glands, which allows bacteria to grow. This can be a problem if a person has more than the normal amount of sweat glands in their feet and is prone to excessive sweating.

The Betel Leaf– where and how: 
Like a Plant in a forest, the Betel Leaf soaks and stores the "too much" moisture and evaporates after putting of the shoes.
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Wet Molding
Betel Leaf just like a tree leaf in the forest, when it soaks and stores the moisture in the shoes, it will become soft and as we are walking with Betel Slipper we are giving the pressure on it.
So it will be mold into the shape according to your feet. This will make you more comfortable as you are wearing.
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Who and why suffer from foot odor?
First of all: sweaty feet (medical: Bromhidrosis) are a wide-spread phenomenon. About 40% of the population are considered as concerned. Men are usually stronger, and/or more frequently affected than women.
The inclination to sweaty feet is often genetically/hormonally. The following causes can increase the intensity and frequency of sweaty feet:
• Air-impermeable shoes
• Socks from chemical fibres (e.g. nylon)
• Not cleaning your feet and in particular the toe gaps thoroughly
• Hormonal disturbances
• Gout
• Thyroid hyperactivity
• Smoking
For persons concerned, sweaty feet are a very unpleasant disease. Fortunately this can be fought effectively and naturally with Betel Leaf . Without chemistry.

What happens to sweaty feet and where comes the unpleasant smell from?
When having sweaty feet the horn layer of the skin is permanently in a humid atmosphere. It can swell and turn white, particularly between the toes. Thus, the natural balance of the skin will be disturbed. Partly itching arises and it smells of decomposed sweat (Bromhidrosis). This unpleasant smell develops, because the sweat decomposes cornea/callosity bacteria. This smell is often described as “cheesy” and rather unpleasant.
The unpleasant smell does not come from the sweat itself, but from decomposing bacteria. This is exactly where the Betel Leaf has its effect. The natural suction force of tree leaf absorbs sweat effectively and the antibacterial characteristics of our special Betel Leaf make the smell-forming cornea/callosity bacteria innocuous.

Please note: Scientific studies proved that sweaty feet often lead to unpleasant athlete’s foot and even to nail fungus.
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首先腳汗 (醫學名稱: 臭汗症) 是一個廣泛的現象. 約40 %的人口被認為是需要被關注的.男性通常比女性還要嚴重。通常都是腳臭的起因都是因爲體內基因/激素。
根據每個人的觀感,腳汗是一個使人非常不舒服的的疾病. 幸好檳榔葉能夠在沒有添加任何化學配方下,能夠自然有效解決腳汗。

每當我們腳底出汗時,皮膚裏的角質是處在於潮濕地環境,它會開始膨脹並且變白,由其在腳趾之間更爲明顯。這時後皮膚的自然平衡會受到干擾,皮膚某部份會開始癢然後會散發出汗液分解的味道(臭汗)。 而會有這樣難聞的氣味是因為汗水分解角膜/胼胝細菌所引起的。